Examining the Efficiency of Solar Water Heaters

A solar powered water heater is an object that uses solar heat, or energy from the sun, to heat water to warm up your house. The good thing about a solar hot water heater is that the heat it uses from the sun will not be converted into electricity like solar PV panels, which is good for efficiency and your electricity bill every month. A system of this type will normally be put on the roof of your home, which allows the system to take in the warmth of the sunlight and systematically use the heat from the sun to heat the water for your house.

Home Made Solar Panel

Flat Plate Collectors and Evacuated Tube Water Heaters

There are 2 types of solar powered water heaters, and they are flat plate collectors and evacuated tube water heaters.

Flat plate collectors are nothing more than a black matte-colored sheet that has a grid of tubing which makes it highly conductive to heat. Basically, all you have to do is look at the back of your refrigerator to get an idea of what these things look like. These things are not attached to the roof but they can be installed within the tiling of the roof. With a flat plate collector, whenever the sun’s rays touch the conductive sheet, energy will then be transferred into the water which then reflects in the tubing. Some flat plate models even have a pump that is used to move the water throughout the tubes, just so you know.

The other type of solar powered water heater you can get is an evacuated tube system. These systems are a lot more efficient than flat plate ones, they are also capable of giving off warmer temperatures than flat plates, and they also can keep water hot a lot longer as well. An evacuated panel has many glass tubes, and when the sunlight goes through the glass, the copper pipe fluid that is inside will begin to warm. These kinds of systems are closed off which keeps the circulation going.

The reason why this solar powered water heater panel is so efficient is because the copper and fluid within it lose almost no amount of heat, even when the temperature outside drops. There is an internal vacuum created within that prevents the heat from getting cold from the outside air. Unfortunately, plate collector panels get colder as they are more exposed and open to the air outside.

Last but not least, here are a few other things that you should know about solar hot water panels:

#1: These things will save you possibly 33% on your electricity bill every month and more as the government keeps taxing us.

#2: If you buy one that’s built for you, it will cost you $1,000-$2,000! However, if you build one yourself, it can cost $75-$200, and you save nearly 1,000% MORE than if you were to buy one already built for you.

#3: A solar powered water heater will last you a long time as long as you make sure you build it according to the correct specifications.

#4: You will not need to do any fortification of your roof with these panels, as they don’t usually way more than 100-120 pounds, which is pretty light for something on your roof!

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