Economic Benefits of Home Made Solar Panels

The environmental benefits of installing solar panels are clear. Choosing solar power helps shrink your carbon footprint and reduces the amount of greenhouse gasses released into the earth's already polluted atmosphere.The financial benefits may not be as clear

Home Made Solar Panel

Going Green for the Green

Times are tough. Unemployment rates are soaring and the economy is in serious trouble. People can't afford to keep up with rising electricity bills and are beginning to look at alternative sources of power. With the government offering rebates and tax credits to those making the switch, it seems even the powers that be are finally acknowledging there is a problem. What causes most people pause when looking into solar energy is the high cost of buying and installing solar panels which can sometimes cost upwards of $20, 000. The truth is, however, there are much more cost efficient ways to make that switch with little effort.

Do it Yourself Solar Panels

At first thought, the idea of making a do it yourself solar panel sounds complicated and beyond most of our realm of understanding. In this modern age of the internet, that simply isn't true.

There are several low cost manuals available for purchase on the internet that teach the consumer exactly how to make a solar panel with little difficulty. Often, the cost of the materials needed for a diy solar panel is in the area of $200 and sometimes, even less than that. Everything you need can be found at your local hardware store.

Most of these online guides come in ebook form so after purchase, you can get started right away. Almost all of the guides are illustrated with easy to understand diagrams and written with step-by-step instructions from constructing the panel to wiring, installing and mounting the panel.

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need?

How many solar panels a person would need to install would depend on how much electricity the household usually consumes. The standard seems to be three, although some may need more and some may need less. One panel typically can handle most household appliances with little difficulty. Again, how many panels your house would need would depend on how much power you typically use.

Final Words

No matter what your concern, budget, environment or both, solar power is a great source of alternative energy. The environmental and economic benefits when combined with the fact that solar powers, unlike fossil fuel, is a renewable resource, makes switching to solar energy a logical choice for any socially conscious, budget minded individual.