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Codes and Standards

Increasing energy efficiency through the development of energy efficient product and building codes and standards is the single most important element of a strategic approach to achieving energy self-sufficiency, minimize the impact of climate change, and creating economic prosperity and employment in Canada. It is approximated that over 70% of Canada's energy efficiency objectives will be achieved through energy efficiency amendments to current codes and standards.

Product Standards

Over the next ten years, energy efficiency amendments to product codes and standards in Canada is estimated to translate into energy savings of 156 petajoules—enough energy to power 1,405,000 households and an estimated value of energy savings of $4,723,333,333.*

*Based on the assumption that the weighted average cost of electricity in Canada is $0.109/kWh. If
1 petajoule = 277,777,777 kWh, then 156 petajoules = 43,333,333,333 kWh.

Building Codes

The implementation of energy codes in the National Building Code of Canada and jurisdictional building codes ensures that new and significantly renovated buildings will be built to achieve greater energy efficiency.


CEEA Codes and Standards Activity

CEEA is currently active on the following committees, influencing change in the energy efficiency of product and building codes and standards.

International Committees
Council for Harmonization of Electrotechnical Standards of the Nations of the Americas (CANENA)
International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)

  • Strategic Group on Energy Efficiency and Renewables

International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

  • Strategic Advisory Group on the Environment

Canadian Standards Association

  • Strategic Steering Committee on Performance, Energy Efficiency and Renewables (SCOPEER)
  • Electric Vehicle Resource Task Group
  • TC on Lighting
  • TC on Industrial Electric Motors

Provincial Councils and Committees
Ontario Building Code Conservation Advisory Council

Energy Efficiency Codes and Standards Papers

IEC White Paper
Coping with the Energy Challenge: IEC White PaperCoping with the Energy Challenge: The IEC's role from 2010 to 2030
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Coping with the Energy Challenge: IEC White PaperSummary and Recommendations 820KB