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National Report Card on Energy Efficiency


Among its many energy efficiency initiatives, every two years CEEA compiles and evaluates energy efficiency practices across Canada and publishes the results in its National Report Card on Energy Efficiency.

2009 Report Card highlights include three A+ grades for Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec, and three most improved provinces; Alberta, PEI, and Nunavut.  Alberta scored a B+ up from the D+ they received in 2007. PEI moved from a D to a B, and Nunavut from a C to a B.  Some of the provinces that saw a drop in their score included British Columbia, going from an A+ to an A, Saskatchewan from a B+ to a B-, and the Northwest Territories moved from a B+ to a C.

This year marks the tenth year that CEEA has evaluated federal, provincial and territorial government’s energy efficiency activities.  With energy becoming more expensive, with its impact on the environment and the economic opportunity that comes with a sustainable energy plan—it is an increasingly critical part of the government’s responsibility.

2009 Results
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