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Sony KDL-40VE5 HD Television

Model: KDL-40VE5

Energy Star Limit: 192W

Max Power Usage %:140W – 27.1%

Standby Power Usage: 0.30W

Average Usage*: 90W – 52.9%



*Average Power – This is an approved Energy Star standard which takes into account the ability of a television set to operate at varying powers of illumination automatically, according to room lighting conditions. Sets would operate at the highest power only in the brightest conditions (such as in a showroom) and at the lowest power when in a room with very low illumination. This average is based on an assumed daily variance of viewer watching habits of 55% High Power and 45% Low Power usage.

CEEA Evaluation Comments.

Not only is this series of HD TVs Energy Star approved but, even in the highest power mode, exceeds the Energy Star standard by more than 27%. In normal usage mode these TVs exceed the standard by a significantly greater margin of more than 53%.

Note that these energy savings do not include any additional potential savings achieved from the automatic shut down process, which occurs when the set is left unattended, or by the complete “power-off” feature, which even eliminates standby power usage.

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