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How Do Products Qualify to Earn the CEEA Energy Efficiency Plus Rating?

The goal of the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance (CEEA) is to facilitate easier consumer access to energy efficiency information and resources. CEEA promotes and advances energy efficiency initiatives, as well as their resultant economic and environmental benefits.

Every product bearing the CEEA Energy Efficiency Plus logo has been reviewed and recommended by the CEEA and earned this rating based on independent, scientific evaluation and verification of all manufacturer claims related to levels of energy efficiency, savings and consumption of the product during normal use.

The Energy Efficiency Plus logo confirms a product has undergone rigorous, third party laboratory testing and successfully demonstrated a level of energy efficient performance that is among the very best in its category. For a product that is also Energy Star rated, a CEEA Energy Efficiency Plus logo confirms that its performance rating places it in the top 10 percent of the most energy efficient products in its category.


Note: CEEA DOES NOT Conduct Physical or Technical product Testing. Rather, it oversees the verification process, conducted by Professional Engineers, which evaluates a product’s required energy efficiency using a stringent set of specific criteria, before awarding the Energy Efficiency Plus ‘reviewed and recommended’ designation.

These criteria include, but are not limited to:

Verification of Manufacturers Claims to confirm that the tests and results submitted were completed by an approved Test Laboratory and/or certified by an approved Certification Organization.

Verification of Product Safety to ensure products are correctly labeled and thus tested and qualified under the appropriate program(s), such as those of the CSA, UL, CE, etc. In all cases, all relevant labels required for sale in Canada must be present.

Verification of Technical Specifications: Only energy specific claims are verified as follows:

1. If the product is claimed to have the “Energy Star” award, verification is confirmed by referral to the “Energy Star” program.

2. If the product is claimed a) to have the “Energy Star” award, and b) to exceed “Energy Star” compliance standards, the CEEA process verifies the award by referral to the “Energy Star” program, as in 1) above. It then corroborates the claim that the prouct’s performance exceeds standards through discussions with the manufacturer and confirmation of the calculations and/or processes upon which the claim is based.

3. For products not associated with the “Energy Star” program, the CEEA process verifies the claims through detailed discussions with the manufacturer and/or its approved Test Laboratory and/or approved certification organization.

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