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Canadians Will Save Over $5.6 Million by Reducing their Energy Consumption with the Eco-City Community Challenge

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OTTAWA November 18, 2013  – The Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance (CEEA) is thrilled to announce the results from the Eco-City Community Challenge, their national energy efficiency program designed to educate Canadians on the benefits of energy conservation to both our economy and environment. Over 1,300 Canadian cities and 41,000 Canadians participated, registering a total energy-savings of 47-million kilowatt-hours (kWh)/year, which translates into a whopping $5.6-million in potential cost-savings for consumers!

The top Eco-City was Toronto, Ontario earning energy-savings of 3.4-million kWh/year and projected cost-savings of over $400,000 for participating consumers. Montreal placed second, with energy-savings of 1.4-million kWh/year and $125,900 in cost-savings, and Ottawa came in third with 1.3-million kWh/year and over $118,000 in savings. Quebec was the top province, earning energy-savings of 18.6-million kWh/year and cost-savings of over $2.2-million. The Pembina Institute performed all data calculations and analysis for the Challenge.

The goal of the Eco-City Community Challenge was to capture and reward the energy-saving activities that Canadians have undertaken in their homes and inspire them to do more. Actions on the interactive and educational entry form ranged from changing light bulbs and washing laundry in cold water, to upgrading major appliances and weatherizing windows and doors.

“Canadians need to be educated about energy efficiency and motivated to make energy saving changes. Saving money is the key incentive—the bonus is that it helps the environment,” said Elizabeth McDonald, President and CEO of CEEA. “Our motto is the most affordable energy is the energy not used. Congratulations to all 1324 participating cities, for embracing this energy-efficiency mindset.”

“We are impressed with the overwhelming number of Canadians dedicated to saving energy in their homes,” said Kaz Flinn, Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility, Scotiabank. “Canadians want to save energy and money, and the Scotiabank EcoLiving program helps them achieve both. Our partnership with CEEA on the Eco-City Community Challenge has brought that energy-saving information and great incentives to Canadians from coast to coast.”

“Energy efficiency is the best, cheapest, most effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions - saving money and improving our productivity and competitiveness,” said Jason Switzer, Director of Corporate Consulting, Pembina. “Canada needs to do better, and the individual home owners who participated in the Eco-City Community Challenge are showing the way.”

Individual participants in the Eco-City Challenge were also entered to win a grand prize package of five energy-efficient Whirlpool appliances, with a retail value of more than $8,000 including: the Whirlpool Duet® Front Load Washer, Whirlpool Duet® Dryer, Whirlpool 36-inch French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator, Whirlpool Dishwasher with Stainless Steel Interior and PowerScour™ Option, and a Whirlpool Electric Range. We would like to congratulate Nikki Brew from London, Ontario who was selected as the lucky winner.

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About the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance
Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance (CEEA) is committed to building a national program to educate consumers on the shared benefits of energy-efficiency behaviours. As the leading non-government energy-efficiency advocate in Canada, CEEA’s mission is to improve access to energy efficiency information and increase awareness of its benefits to the Canadian economy and environment.

About Scotiabank EcoLiving
The Scotiabank EcoLiving Program launched in June 2010. The website,, is a unique program focused on educating Canadians on the shared benefits of home energy efficiency and green home improvements. With its emphasis on both saving money and the environment, the website includes a financial calculator and information on government rebates, which allow visitors to plan and finance their projects and see the savings that can result from environmentally friendly renovations.

About the Pembina Institute
The Pembina Institute is a Canadian non-profit think tank that advances sustainable energy solutions through research, education, consulting and advocacy. Pembina promotes environmental, social and economic sustainability in the public interest by developing practical solutions for communities, individuals, government and businesses.

About Green Living Enterprises
Green Living Enterprises is Canada’s leading cause-marketing agency focused on social and environmental program development. Our team is led by award-winning industry experts in the fields of brand and program development; custom content; advertising, marketing and communications; and event management. Green Living Enterprises also produces and The Green Living Show, Canada’s largest consumer show, dedicated to easy and simple solutions for leading a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

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