Be an Energy Saver

Efficiency Matters on the Hill Highlights


We successfully brought our energy efficiency message to decision-makers in Ottawa on November 18. With 37 members and sponsors in intimate groups of three to four people, we had 28 meetings over eight hours. Find out more about what we learned in our CEO’s Efficiency Matters blog.


Meetings with Decision-Makers Photo Gallery


Key government meetings

Harold Albrecht, Chair, Environment Committee
Leon Benoit, Chair, Natural Resources Committee
Kelly Block, Parliamentary Secretary to Minister of Natural Resources
Gord Brown, Chair, Conservative Renewable Fuels Committee
Colin Carrie, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of the Environment
David McArthur, Chief of Staff to Minister of Natural Resources
David Sweet, Chair of Industry Committee
Brad Trost, MP, member of the Standing Committee on Natural Resources

Opposition meetings

Dennis Bevington, Liberal MP and member of the Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development
Francois Choquette, NDP Critic of Environment
Linda Duncan, NDP MP and member of the Standing Committee on Natural Resources
Chris Charlton, NDP MP, Pat Martin, NDP MP and Nathan Cullen, NDP MP
Joyce Murray and Frank Valeriote, Liberal Policy Committee;
John McKay, Liberal MP, Critic for Environment
Geoff Regan, Liberal MP, Critic for Natural Resources
Nicolas Thibodeau, NDP Parliamentary Assistant & Political Attaché

Senior public servants

John Adams, Sustainable Development Technology Canada
Jillian Andrews, Policy Advisor, Environment Canada
Richard Botham, Assistant Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Corporate Finance
Carol Buckley, Office of Energy Efficiency
Chris Forbes, ADM, Environment Canada
Derek Hermanutz, Director General, Deputy Minister’s Office, Environment Canada
Philip Jennings, ADM Industry Canada
Jay Kholsa, ADM, Natural Resources Canada
Bud Locklear, Lucy Abbott, US Embassy
Alfred MacLeod, ADM Public Works
Andrew Marsland, Senior Assistant Deputy Minister
David McGovern, Senior Advisor to the Privy Council Office
Marta Morgan, ADM, Finance
Gerard Peets, Director General, Manufacturing and Life Science Branch
Helen Ryan, Director General, Energy, Minister of Environment

The CEEA Team

Greg Orloff, CSA
Benjamin Shinewald, BOMA Canada
Steve Clayman, TIAC
Tracy Lynch, Union Gas
Martin Luymes, HRAI
Peter Love, Energy Services Association of Canada
Leslie Malone, Acadia Center
Mathieu Cote, CIET Canada
Bill Crossland, Thermal Energy
Larry Brydon, Ozz Corporation
Matt O’Keefe, Opower
Daryl Sharkey, MCAC
Mary Gauthier, MCA Ottawa
Stephane Michaud, Ecosystem
Joseph Clarke, Ecosystem
Leanne Hachey, Efficiency NS
Ravi Sigurdson, Enbridge
Andrew Cole, CUFCA
Garth Cressman, WALTERFEDY
Al D’Addese, CertainTeed Corp
Troy Mann, Knauf Insulation
Mike McLaughlin, Roxul
Curt Rich, NAIMA
Tara McClinchey, NAIMA Canada
Jay Nordenstrom, NAIMA Canada
Suzette Mills, Enbridge
Fiona Oliver-Glasford, Enbridge
Leslie McLaren, Roxul
Dave Seymour, Ameresco Canada Inc.
Elizabeth McDonald, CEEA
Isabel Metcalfe, CEEA
Sylvie Powell, CEEA
Jane L. Thompson, CEEA
Leonard Farber, Norton Rose Fulbright