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Efficiency Matters Forum Highlights

May 5

CEEA’s survey was the focus of the half-day forum. National data was collected to determine the role energy plays in the budgets of Canadian businesses. Carol Buckley of Natural Resources Canada gave the keynote address and attendees interacted with The Gandalf Group, who conducted the survey. There was also a survey panel discussion. If you couldn’t make it to the event take advantage of watching the videos here.

The Survey

CEEA Survey: Canadian Business Attitudes on Energy Efficiency
By The Gandalf Group
Summary: Interviews with business owners, architects and builders show the business community is willing to reduce their energy footprint, but more is needed for them to take action. While 61 per cent  of Canadian businesses report energy cost increases in the past year, only 27 per cent believe they are doing all they can to save energy. One of the key reasons is initial cost.

Forum Videos

Remarks from Carol Buckley, Director General, Office of Energy Efficiency, Natural Resources Canada

Summary: Buckley celebrates Canada’s support of responsible energy use through energy efficiency, noting energy efficiency improvements increased by 25 per cent between 1990 and 2012 and Canadians experienced energy savings worth $20 billion for their actions over the past two decades. Businesses avoided $15 billion in energy costs and consumers avoided $17 billion in costs. She cites case studies and other successes including the adoption of the National Energy Building Code, more efficient fuel standards and clean energy dialogue with the US.

CEEA Survey Methodology

Featuring Alex Swann, The Gandalf Group

Survey Data Presentation

Featuring Alex Swann, The Gandalf Group

Summary:  Key findings include that while 61 per cent of Canadian businesses report having seen energy cost increases in the last year, only 27 per cent believe they are doing all they can to save energy and 41 per cent state initial cost as the reason they haven’t done more to boost their organization’s energy efficiency.

Survey Analysis

Featuring David Herle, The Gandalf Group

Summary: While interest in energy efficiency comes primarily from larger companies the institutional sector is leading the way. The primary driver is cost reduction, not improving the environment or climate change. Which means the in-house champion for energy efficiency will not be the CSR person but the CFO. Secondly, much of this has to come from codes and government regulation.

The Panel: What’s the most important finding and how can it change energy efficiency in Canada?

Summary: Utilities need to do a better job at raising awareness and education to get people to understand the savings which means it will take more than Twitter — and partnerships may be part of the answer; the call for strengthened building codes is impressive as it helps level the playing field; there’s also an interest in benchmarking and labeling but energy consumption has not hit the radar.

The Panel: How can energy efficiency be successful and competitive across sectors?

Summary: We need more champions as the fragmentation within the industry works against us. From the government’s perspective they do not want to duplicate anything that can be better handled by the economy, while other things make sense for the provinces or municipalities to do. The bottom line is we have to implement new ways to deal with energy efficiency and part of that will be education.

Panel: Moderator Jay Nordenstrom, Executive Director, NAIMA Canada
Carol Buckley, Director General, Office of Energy Efficiency, Natural Resources Canada
David Craddock, NORR Limited Architects, Project Manager / Acting Executive Director, Royal Architectural Institute of Canada
Roger Johnson, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Real Estate, TD Bank Group
Katrina Marsh, Director, Environment and Natural Resources Policy, The Canadian Chamber of Commerce
Andrew Pride, Vice President, Conservation, OPA
Darren McIlwraith, Senior Manager, Market Development & DSM Technology, Market Development and Sales, Enbridge

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