Be an Energy Saver

Business Forum Highlights

ASE’s Kateri Callahan shared her insights from her crystal ball as to what energy efficiency initiatives may be on the chopping block, and which may survive.

Members, energy efficiency stakeholders and a range of experts gathered in Toronto on April 19 to discuss some of the latest trends in energy efficiency. Attendees were privy to an inside perspective on developments in the U.S. under the new Trump administration from the ASE’s Kateri Callahan. The event was capped off with the launch of the report Engaging Millennials commissioned by IESO.

Business Forum Resources

•    Improving U.S. Energy Productivity: The Economic Case for National EE Policy in the Age of Trump PDF

Presenter: Kateri Callahan, President, Alliance to Save Energy
Highlights: A thorough wrap-up on the success of energy efficiency in the U.S. over the past few years, including energy productivity and jobs. Callahan then uses her expertise as a top-ranked lobbyist to showcase her crystal ball for EE in Washington by discussing what is on the chopping block and what could succeed.

•    Engaging Millennials Report PDF

Presenters: Elizabeth McDonald, President and CEO, Terry Young, Vice-President, Conservation and Corporate Relations, IESO
Highlights: It examines the attitudes of millennials and how energy efficiency program must be specifically designed to be more effective when targeting this 18-35 year-old demographic.

•    The City of Toronto’s Zero Emissions Building Framework PDF

Presenters: Steve Kemp, Principal, Senior Energy + Sustainability Specialist, RDH Building Science and Lisa King, Senior Policy Planner, City of Toronto
Highlights: Looking at global best practices for energy efficiency, it addresses how to raise the bar on Toronto Green Standard to meet 2050 GHG targets. It also notes why — modelling suggests that by 2040-2050 daily maximum temperatures could reach 44°C/111°F (before humidity), and that Toronto will experience 66 days greater than 30°C/86°F, an increase of 46 days per year.

•    Ontario’s Action on Climate Change PDF

Presenter: Alex Wood, Executive Director, Climate Change Directorate, Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change
Highlights: The plan lays out how to make Ontario one of the easiest and most affordable jurisdictions in North America to install or retrofit clean energy systems; to halt the ongoing rise in building-related emissions by giving Ontarians more choices, incentives and tools; and to support a carbon market that drives the lowest cost greenhouse gas emission reductions

•    Demonstration: RETScreen Expert: Clean Energy Management Software PDF

Presenter: Gregory J. Leng, Director, RETScreen International
Highlights: A live demonstration showed the advantages of using the software for comparing multiple buildings in a portfolio and its ability for saving money through various tools including a virtual energy analyzer, benchmark analysis, energy audits, automated multilingual report writer, and performance analysis.