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Energy Productivity Playbook: A guide for countries to double energy productivity

The Global Alliance for Energy Productivity, led by the Alliance to Save Energy and in collaboration with CEEA as a steering committee member, is proud to announce the release of the Energy Productivity Playbook (the Playbook). This document details how public sector, private sector and non-profit organizations can collaborate to double an economy’s energy productivity – generating twice the economic benefit from each unit of energy consumed – by putting in place a policy infrastructure that supports and drives investment in energy efficiency. The Playbook sets forth guidelines for developing

Energy Productivity Policy Roadmaps, which are strategic policy plans to be implemented at the national or subnational level. Clean energy markets around the world are undergoing a revolution as countries, companies and citizens seek paths to prosperous economic futures that also protect the environment. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and thereby achieving the 21st Conference of Parties in Paris goals will require public and private sector leaders to re-examine every aspect of global energy use – from how we produce energy to how we manage its consumption. Studies indicate that more than one-half of the energy consumed today is wasted, making energy efficiency the world’s largest energy resource. And, as it is readily available and cost-effective, energy efficiency should be the first resource used by governments globally to achieve the goal of holding temperature warming to below 2 degrees C.

Tackling climate change is but one reason, albeit a critical one, for driving the deployment of energy efficiency. It is also critical that world energy productivity improve rapidly. By improving energy productivity, we can grow and improve the performance of economies around the world. The ultimate goal of the Global Alliance for Energy Productivity is to double global energy productivity. Doing so will increase prosperity, create jobs and enhance global energy security. To accomplish this goal, it is critical that governments engage in forward-looking, aggressive target setting to ensure the widespread adoption of energy-efficient technologies and practices that will help double global energy productivity.

Elizabeth McDonald, CEEA CEO said, “We are proud to launch the Energy Productivity Playbook at this year’s EE Global Forum. At CEEA, we know that energy productivity — which describes the relationship of GDP to units of energy used — will lead countries around the world to greater economic prosperity and will reduce carbon emissions to boot. As the world strives to achieve the global climate goals set out in Paris at last year’s COP-21, we strongly encourage countries around the globe to use the Energy Productivity Playbook as a guide for doubling energy productivity.”

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