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Canada Needs a National Energy Efficiency Strategy

Representatives from the energy efficiency industry, NGOs, labour and academics met in May this year to come up with recommendations for a national energy efficiency plan—focusing particularly on the role of the federal government in leading and coordinating such a plan. CEEA and CanREA are now pleased to publish the results of these discussions.
Our vision for energy in Canada is one where:

  1. Canadians and their governments accept the significant value and benefits of energy efficiency.
  2. Reduction in energy use through efficiency is established as a national goal with targets that are regularly met.
  3. Canada as a nation has collaboratively put in place successful nationwide energy efficiency initiatives that are transforming the way we all use energy in every sector.

The federal government has built a strong foundation for investment in energy efficiency through initiatives like the successful EnerGuide home rating system and regulations under the Energy Efficiency Act.  However, Canada is falling short of its efficiency potential.

  • Only 8% of homes have had a retrofit.
  • Many buildings operate at 50% below their efficiency potential.
  • Most of us still commute to work by car.
  • Support policies vary considerably across the country and many Canadian homes and businesses are not enjoying the benefits of efficient energy use throughout the economy.

The stakeholders recommend that the federal government increase its support for national energy conservation and efficiency initiatives across Canada by immediately taking steps to set targets, maintain and strengthen national support services, accelerate the regulation of efficiency, lead the efficiency market through procurement, and support national initiatives on housing, buildings, communities, industry, and transport.