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2015’s Top 5 Energy Efficiency Trends

Some of these are trends with benefits, others are wild cards.

1. Increased demand for energy management systems: Whether it’s for homeowners or businesses, people want to control their environment and their energy costs and want tools that will help them.

2. Falling gas prices but not lower electricity: People heating their homes with oil may have lower costs, but no one can expect electricity to be any cheaper.

3. Climate change is a hot topic: As we move towards the UN’s climate talks in Paris next December we’ll begin to see a name and shame game go on as countries begin to present their plans for commitments to cutting emissions – and some may not. The most interesting ones to watch will be China, India, Australia, and yes, Canada.

4. Utility delivery of EE is changing: The model for utilities is changing – some are torn between generating power and encouraging energy efficiency while others like Efficiency One (formerly Efficiency Nova Scotia) deliver EE program on their own. CEEA will be watching this evolution over the coming months

5. Federal election could change everything — or nothing: The current federal government has been lukewarm on the energy efficiency front but did make EE commitments within the G20. We’re hoping the Office of Energy Efficiency will continue to exist, but a federal election could change things as both the Liberals and NDP are committed to energy efficiency and are looking to include it in their energy platforms.


Posted December 18, 2014

Elizabeth McDonald is president of CEEA