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Ontario Ministry of Energy Directive to the Ontario Energy Board Highlights the Importance of Conservation and Codes and Standards—a Win for CEEA and all Ontarians!

The Ontario Ministry of Energy (MOE) has put forward a directive to the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) that pushes forward “conservation” as a lead topic in discussion in the energy supply mix. CEEA’s continuous lobbying efforts for energy conservation and energy efficiency changes to codes and standards are finally making headway with the Government of Ontario.

According to the MOE’s Supply Mix Directive to the Ontario Power Authority, the OPA will be responsible for;

…achiev[ing] through Conservation and Demand Management (CDM) a peak demand reduction target of 7,100 megawatts (MW) and an energy savings target of 28 terawatt-hours (TWh) by the end of 2030.  Further, the OPA shall plan to achieve interim CDM targets as follows: 4,550 MW and 13 TWh by the end of 2015; 5,840 MW and 21 TWh by the end of 2020; and 6,700 MW and 25 TWh by the end of 2025. These interim CDM targets are to serve as milestones to measure progress towards the overall 2030 CDM target.

The above-noted targets shall also include electricity savings forecasted through the implementation of codes, standards, regulations and other initiatives that are progressive and reasonable based on OPA analysis.

…the definition of CDM should be inclusive of load reduction from initiatives such as geothermal heating and cooling, solar heating and fuel switching and customer-based generation for the purpose of load displacement.  The definition should be exclusive of generation that is contracted-for under the OPA’s Feed-in Tariff (FIT) and microFIT Programs and other generation that is separately metered for the purpose of injecting electricity into the transmission system or a distribution system.

CEEA has been lobbying for fuel switching and customer-based generation for the last several years through it’s participation on the Building Code Energy Advisory Council (BCEAC).

“It is great to see the Ontario Ministry of Energy’s directive parallel CEEA’s objectives. CEEA has been pushing the government to concentrate on energy conservation, greater energy efficiency in codes and standards, fuel switching and customer-based generation for the last several years. It’s a big win for CEEA and all Ontarians.” said Ken Elsey, CEEA’s Executive Director and CEO.