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Introduction of Interim EE Requirements Deemed Unnecessary by Alberta Government

The Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance’s (CEEA) request for the Alberta government to introduce interim energy efficiency requirements for builders prior to the introduction of the new National Building Code in 2014, has been deemed unnecessary by the Alberta Minister of Municipal Affairs, Hector Goudreau.

In a letter written to CEEA on May 9th, the Minister states:

“…the introduction of national standards for energy efficiency in this timeframe makes the adoption of interim energy efficiency standards unnecessary. The development of interim energy efficiency requirements could not occur sooner than the publication of the national energy codes.”

CEEA has been asking the Alberta government to put a plan in place to help industry transition to a standard equivalent to EnerGuide 80 by 2014, since no jurisdiction has ever gone from Alberta’s current level of energy efficiency to EnerGuide 80 without an interim step.

“It is unfortunate that the Alberta Government continues to ignore the expectations and economic well being of new home buyers in Alberta. Without an interim step, Alberta builders face a much tougher challenge ahead of them,” stated Mr. Elsey, CEEA’s President and CEO.

In the original CEEA letter addressed to Minister Goudreau, Mr. Elsey expressed his concern around Alberta’s 2009 National Report Card on Energy Efficiency grading of B+, which reflected the provinces commitment to introduce an interim code.

“Our B+ grading for Alberta in our 2009 Report Card was based on the province’s commitment to energy efficiency and the introduction of an interim energy efficiency requirement that would be in place prior to the introduction of the new model National Energy Codes. Without the interim step, their grading would have been different. Our Report Card Review Committee is currently reviewing their 2009 score based on the recent information provided by Minister Goudreau,” stated Mr. Elsey.

CEEA’s Report Card Review Committee, which is responsible for grading the provincial submissions for CEEA’s biannual National Report Card on Energy Efficiency, will be in discussions later this week to re-access Alberta’s 2009 grade.