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CEEA is Changing

By Elizabeth McDonald

I’d like to share what we’ve been doing at the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance since I joined in August 2012.
New changes and positive trends for the whole industry are emerging – changes that are creating great opportunities for CEEA. We know that now more than ever, governments have a strong interest in energy efficiency and CEEA wants lead in turning that interest into progress.

We’ve created a fresh strategic plan to breathe life and vitality into this organization. My goal is to position CEEA as a leading independent voice in Canada to promote and advance energy efficiency to the economy and the environment. Our new mission is built around working collaboratively with governments and other stakeholders to promote public policies, programs and standards as well as monitoring how Canada is improving its energy efficiency. This mission is married with our ability to connect our members and stakeholders and provide an extensive range of information sharing.

Here’s what’s new:

  • We’re launching our first conference on April 12th – the Energy Efficiency Thought Leaders Forum, it’s a mini think tank with big brains and ideas
  • We’re developing a white paper – with the help of the big brains from our conference, including the attendees
  • We commissioned a national survey on Canadians’ attitudes on energy efficiency by the Gandalf Group, which we’ll release at the conference.

Our strategic vision – or promises to the community

CEEA will play a leading role in supporting governments and other stakeholders in Canada in developing and implementing energy efficiency policies, programs, codes and standards.

CEEA will strive to ensure that energy efficiency is an important priority for all sectors of the Canadian economy.

CEEA will support our members in the development, promotion, education and delivery of their energy efficient products and services.

CEEA will provide valuable research on issues that affect the promotion and advancement of energy efficiency.

I’m really excited about what we’re doing. I’ll be writing updates about all of these things, and more. Stay tuned – and let me know what you think.

Posted Monday, April 1, 2013

Elizabeth is the president of CEEA.