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2011 Report Card Questionnaire Released

The Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance (CEEA) released its 2011 National Report Card on Energy Efficiency Questionnaire today, distributing it to the federal government and the thirteen Premiers across Canada for their responses.  The questionnaire forms the basis for the Alliance’s biannual National Report Card on Energy Efficiency, an independent report that evaluates the Canadian government’s energy efficiency activities and reflects the priorities energy efficiency experts believe governments must establish in order to create a sustainable economy for future generations.

This year’s questionnaire, made up of ten questions, focuses on government leadership and its commitment to energy efficiency initiatives.  Over forty percent of the final grade is attributed to the two first questions which include the request for a personal response from each of the Premiers on their commitment to energy efficiency initiatives within their jurisdiction and their government’s ability to lead by example when it comes to energy efficiency.

“Government leadership is a key element in the implementation of energy efficiency initiatives—not only does it signal to the rest of the economy its importance—but it serves to create the infrastructure necessary to support broad based implementation of energy efficient programs. That’s why we’d like to receive a personal response from each Premier on their energy efficiency commitments.  We recognize the importance it plays on setting the priorities for their government and the commitment behind their initiatives,” said Ken Elsey, CEEA’s President and CEO.

The remaining eight questions which make up sixty percent of the grade, focus on what each province and territory has done in the past year to enhance energy efficiency in policy and regulatory requirements, implementation of programs that influence consumer behaviour, Northern communities and major sources of energy use.

Submissions will be evaluated over the summer and the final 2011 Report Card is expected to be released sometime in the fall.

For more information about the questionnaire or the Report Card, please contact:
Ken Elsey
President and CEO
Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance